Sunday, March 1, 2015

Facebook rolls out new product ads

Well, the most awaited feature of Facebook ads is out now. The feature was in a beta testing since last couple of days and has gone through a couple of changes in terms of look & feel and features. Now, as a marketer you can show multiple products in just one ad. The ad copy will have a navigation icon through which users can navigate through multiple products.

I won't waste your time in explaining the basics of creating a new ad in facebook. I'll quickly give you the snapshot of these dynamic ads.

Number of Products that can be displayed: up to 10

Number of links for product: 10, one for each product

Number of images: 10 one for each product, 600*600

After a user flips through each ad, there is a final link to “see more”, you can put up an URL of your website or product category but you don’t get chance to select the image. Facebook will pick up your profile pic by default (little strange!).

Automatic Optimization:
There is also an option for auto-optimization. if selected facebook will automatically select/alter the sequence of your images based on ads engagement with users and you get maximum response for your ad. It’s not mandatory J

The feature is available only to power editor users as of now and it has just started rolling out so you might see the change in next 1-2 days based on your location.

Let me know what you think about these dynamic ads or if you need any help is setting up the same!

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