Thursday, June 26, 2014

Facebook - A New Look for Ads in the Right-Hand Column

Yes, Facebook is coming up with new and improved design and features for right hand column ads. Facebook has realized the importance of quality and not the quantity after a long time. You might have noticed at least half a dozen of ads on right side while flipping through your news feed. Well this is gonna change very soon. 


After the new update right hand side column will look something like this! The ad size has been increased by almost 3 times. The new dimensions is 254*133 pixels.

How this is going to affect the Digital marketers

As the size has increased by almost 3 times, FB will not be able to accommodate more than 3 ads on right hand side (considering the user experience on Facebook) so this will led to less number of inventory for Facebook which in turn will affect their overall revenue numbers. In order to accommodate this change the CPM costs will go up significantly. Even CPC will increase marginally. So, all marketers will have to spend more money to reach their target audience as compared to current rates.

Will it have any effect on Engagement?

A BIG YES! The engagement numbers will definitely increase as compared to current stamp ads. The big size image will make a significant impact on user’s mind while surfing through his/her timeline. The larger size image will make it difficult for user to ignore it! So, the engagement numbers will increase along with the cost. Facebook has found significant improvement in engagement numbers during beta testing.

Do share your inputs on the revised right hand side ads or the Stamp ads!

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