Monday, March 3, 2014

Social Media Infographics - 2014


· 560 million active users

· micro blogging social site that limits posts to 140 characters

· largest penetration in the US but spreading slowly and steadily

· 5,700 tweets happen every second


· Social sharing site that has 1 billion users worldwide

· Largest opportunities communicating with consumers in a non-obtrusive way

· Users share 2.5 billion pieces of content each day


· 400 million active users

· Social network built by Google that allows for brands and users to build circles

· Not as many brands active but the ones that are tend to be a good fit with a great following

· Growing rapidly with 925,000 new users every day


· 240 Million active users

· Business oriented social networking site

· Brands that are participating are corporate brands giving potential and current associates a place to
  network and connect

· 79% of users are 35 or older

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