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6 Secrets about LinkedIn that nobody will tell you!

The title of this blog is little catchy, right? Trust me, you will find the content equally interesting. We will discuss some secretive features about linkedin that many of us are not aware of. These features can help you to scale your linkedin profile to an altogether new level if used effectively. Now without wasting much time let’s start with the feature number 1 – Vanity URL

1. Vanity URL 

First of all let me help you people with what is vanity URL, if you’ll search Wikipedia you’ll find it as a URL or domain name, created to point to something to which it is related and indicated in the name of the URL, very similar to a personalized URL. But why do we need to have a vanity URL? Well, this will help people to search quickly about you on search engines like Google, if you have used your name properly on this URL you will rank higher!

Now try and check out your vanity URL for LinkedIn. You might not find it as catchy as mine right now! But you can make it even better. Just go to edit profile and click on edit as below.

After clicking on edit you’ll be redirected on a separate page to change your URL

2. Be Secretive – it’s not Facebook

How many times have you seen some trivial updates (10-20) about your friend’s profile on your LinkedIn newsfeed simultaneously? I have done this hell lot of times and I know how irritating this can be to your contacts sometimes. Let’s not use it like facebook where in you beam about each of your activities to your friends, this is LinkedIn and you have got some serious professional connections in here. So let’s behave accordingly. I am not saying that you don’t make frequent changes to your profile, just be secretive while you do it! Here’s how :)

Go to Privacy & Settings and then click on Turn on/off your activity broadcast. Once you have made those trivial changes to your profile just turn this on again!

3. Use your endorsements properly!

How many times have you received endorsements for skills for which you don’t wanna be known for? You might have done your summer project in Marketing Research or Recruitment but your current profile is in HR, Marketing or Sales and you want to portray yourself for those skills. By default LinkedIn will ask others to endorse you for skills for which you have highest numbers of endorsements in descending order. So, how to fix this? Go to edit profile, scroll down to Endorsements and Skills section and click on Edit. You will see below screen.

Now simply remove the skills for which you don’t want others to endorse you (even if you have very good number of endorsements for it). Also change the sequence of the remaining skills by dragging them in the order you want. Now your connections will be able to endorse you only for these skills.

4. Save on Premium account fees

Normally people use premium account to connect with the premium people or the connections which are not their 1st or 2nd degree connection as you can not send a connection request to them. Don’t worry, just make a long list of those premium people, try the LinkedIn premium account for 1 month which is absolutely free, connect with the people of your choice and deactivate it by the end of the month. You won’t be charged even a single penny! J

5. Use Mr. India Feature!

Now LinkedIn has this typical ‘Orkut’ feature which tells people about recent visitors/your visit to their profile and this is something that you dont’ want. So how not to get noticed

Now this feature comes with a catch, if you want to get unnoticed, you will also not get information about people viewing your profile. So use this feature when you want to see other’s profile and then again deactivate it so that you don’t miss out on your updates! J

6. Reorder your Content

LinkedIn has this beautiful feature of altering the order of your content in your profile. You can highlight what is best about your profile on first position followed by less important once. This is pretty simple. Just go to edit profile and use the following icon to move it upward or down.

Welcome to the world of LinkedIn, I am sure you would have liked this article, Do share your feedback (Good/Bad/Ugly) in the comments section.

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